• Does day trading is for everyone?

    Yes! Day trading can be very compliacted if you don't know what you are doing. Just like you will not be able to cook a dinner without a recipe, don't expect to make money without a strategy. Here in JT - Academy, we managed to simplfy trading strategies to the very basics, you don't need to have a masters degree in finance, or to watch the news 24/7, with our tools, we made it much more simple than you were lead to belive.

  • There are so many trading courses online. Why should I join Joe's Trading Academy?

    Joe’s Trading Academy is not just a trading course, or an educational program, we offer much more.

    Every student get full access to our proven stock picking software, which will allow you to filter between ALL the stocks in the U.S market, and find the stocks that fit your strategy.

    Our education program is a lot more than just a video course, our students enjoying full access to human support, live webinars system (every day you can trade with our experts, until you feel ready to trade alone), weekly market reviews, and 4 sourced trading course.

    Unlike any other companies, we understand that every human is different, and we are doing our best to provide accessibility to all kind of students. Our courses available as E-book, or as an audio book, you can also get it as a hard copy delivered to your home, or to watch it as a video online.

    Our education program includes a demo trading account, that will monitor your mistakes and will send you a weekly report by email, so you will be able to ALLWAYS LEARN from your mistakes.

    Joe’s trading academy is not just another trading education course, it is everything you will need to make trading your career.

  • How much time will I need to invest in trading?

    People are mistakenly think that day trading takes too much time. Trading is a general word, that is trying to describe a few strategies in a same term.

    There are few types of traders, and each of them “invest” different amount of time. Before you subscribe to a trading course, you will be required to fill a questionnaire, that will direct you to the trading type that suits your life style.

    You don’t need to quit your 09-17 daily job yet, we will teach you how to make the maximum potential, with the available time you have right now.