Live Trading Class

Trading course live in a real class!

The trading academy provides in additionally to the online courses, a living course in different locations in Europe.

The live trading course is a great fit for those of you who prefer to see with your own eyes the success! For people that are not great with computers, and people that simply prefer to sit in a real class and learn.

Join today to enjoy a full course in your city, with a trading expert LIVE IN CLASS!

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1,700 new millionaires are being created every day in the U.S.A ONLY! What about you?

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It is true that Joe’s Trading Academy is an online academy and not a physical one, but our experts are making frontal courses all around the world. In here we believe in diversity of education materials and we are giving our clients every way of education possible

The only disadvantage that we have with live courses, is that the sits are limited, and before attending the course you need to save your spot. Please make sure that you are either a register client or subscribed to our Newsletter, so you will be able to be updated the second we will open registration to our live course!